Gay In A Good Way Wednesday

Okay it’s technically Thursday, you’ve got me.

But I had the idea for this blog post when it was still Wednesday, so it counts!

Anyways check out this video.

This video I saw on YouTube by College Humor is obviously a funny video. However, they do make a few good points… 1) Has it really come to the point where gay marriage advocates need to propose to marry your girlfriend if you do not let them marry each other? I feel like allowing people to marry whomever they chose is a given, but that is just me. 2) If you watch the video, there are some truths to what these attractive, well kept men say. There are some pros/advantages that a straight man could not deliver to his girlfriend that a gay man could. Just saying.

So watch the video, get a good laugh, and let me know what you think.

And consider what will happen if you don’t let gay people marry each other…

They will marry your girlfriend 🙂


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