The Alan Ross Texas Freedom Parade

Today was the 30th annual Alan Ross Texas Freedom Parade in Dallas, TX.

I took a trip home this weekend, so this event was a big deal

The church I go to in Dallas when I am home celebrates people that are LGBT.

My pastor made a point in the sermon today that the words we speak when we induct new members into our church are “we will not act as though you have to earn your way in.” He made this point, because at my church and hopefully at others, people are admitted and accepted for who they are and as they are. (This is obviously referring to people who come from gay or lesbian or the like sexual orientations.)

Going home to this church was such a refreshment. I was raised to be accepting of all people. We are all God’s children. Being surrounded by church members that love all kinds of people was exactly where I wanted/needed to be. My church is not the only one of its kind.

But, during the sermon, my pastor took the time to talk about the Alan Ross Texas Freedom Parade. Many members of the church were wearing shirts that said “we believe in the separation of church and hate” today that they planned on wearing to this annual march. From young to old, many members of the congregation today were planning on making the trip to this march to celebrate the liberty of having different sexual orientations.

From what I read from this article posted in the Dallas Morning News, the parade was a huge success. I hope I will be able to make it to the parade next year.

gay pride child


If this child of God can raise a flag, so can you!


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