Gay Blood Is the Same Blood

It’s true that AIDS is a problem, but it’s not the “gay man’s disease”. In fact, AIDS can be passed to homosexual and heterosexual populations. This misconception should not contribute or stop the gay population from donating blood. The ban enacted in 1983 by the FDA currently bans all blood donations by gay and bisexual people. I believe that it is seen as a civic duty to donate blood. By keeping this 30 year old ban enact, it frustrates not only gay rights activists but also people in the health community. 

“In June, the American Medical Association voted to oppose the policy. AMA board member William Kobler called it “discriminatory and not based on sound science.” Last month, more than 80 members of Congress wrote to the Department of Health and Human Services, criticizing the lifetime ban as an outdated measure that perpetuates inaccurate stereotypes about gay men.”

I believe there is a need for further scientific evidence that can challenge this ban. I don’t believe in sabotaging the safety of blood donations, I’m saying we should make sure that opportunities to donate blood are available to all kinds of people, even “heaven forbid” the gay and bisexual kind.

Gay blood is just as good as straight blood.



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