“We’re Gonna Treat Some Citizens In Our Country Differently Than Other Citizens”

Screen Shot 2013-09-19 at 3.08.00 PM

Feast your eyes and ears on this. Open your heart to this young man as he makes his argument.

My friend Hank here on YouTube has a few fair points. These are some invalid arguments about gay marriage that should be rebuked.

#1: Why can’t gay people just be committed withoutmarriage?

Hello, if some people can get married, than all people should get married.

#2: God.

It’s true that not everyone has a religion. This is not a freedom of religion expression.

#3: The Bible

I read the Bible. I believe in the Bible; however, the Bible is NOT a legal document. Has anyone forgotten about the Separation of Church and State?

#4: Gay Marriage Would Undermine the Institution of Marriage

Do you know how many heterosexual married couples get divorced? Too many. My argument is that they are ruining the sanctity of marriage, not gay people.

#5: It’s Unnatural

What? If you think it’s unnatural, then don’t marry someone that’s of your same gender. No one’s forcing you to marry a man if you are a man or forcing you to marry a woman if you are a woman.

Just remember, if you continue to not allow gay marriage, they will marry your girlfriends. 🙂


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