Political Cartoon Tuesday

Hello friends!

What a beautiful Tuesday this is. You know what would make your Tuesday even better? This cartoon. I mean, who doesn’t like cartoons? Here it is…


This may come across as offensive, I’m sure. I’m sad to say that marriages do happen like this. I’m not saying all of them occur in this manner, but nonetheless, this does happen.

Take “What Happens In Vegas” for example.


This movie, released in 2008, is about two people that get married in a drunken haze while in Vegas. They stay together at first because of the million dollars they win at the lottery. Although this storyline is from a movie, it happens all the time. People get married and stay married for all the wrong reasons these days.

According to americanthinker.com, the divorce rates in America as of 2013 are above 50%, I don’t see why gay people shouldn’t allowed to be married. SHouldn’t same sex couples be allowed to either be just as miserable or just as divorced as everyone else? Someone needs to save marriages, maybe it’s gay people.

Gay people aren’t ruining the sanctity of marriage, it’s people like those pictured in the cartoon above. People marrying for the wrong reasons ruin the union of marriage.


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