New New Jersey

You heard it here, folks!

There is a new ruling in New Jersey by Judge Mary Jacobson on Friday. Gay marriage must be allowed. It will be in effect as soon as October 21, 2013.

The argument posed was “the state government is violating New Jersey’s constitution by denying federal benefits to the couples by not letting them marry”.

This is a fair point to argue.

This all comes down to the equality issue, which is a fine line to walk.

This ruling by Judge Jacobson puts Republican Governor Chris Christie. He is seeking re-election as governor, and he may possibly be in the running for the presidential election in 2016. What will he do with the current situation? New Jersey has an abundance of gay supporters. To win the presidential election, he would need to heavily rely on supporters of the Republican party.

Now there are officially thirteen states that recognize gay marriage.

This is another steps towards progress.

What are your reactions to New Jersey now allowing gay marriage?


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