“Marriage Equality” Ice Cream…MMM


Tegan and Sara, a prevalent pop duo, have been advocates of gay marriage and spoken about it before.

“Samples of the ice cream were handing out in New York City’s Rockefeller Plaza after the group performed on NBC’s Today show Sept. 30. “We hope that when you eat it, your thoughts will be filled with how wonderful our world will be when all people are free to love and marry who they choose regardless of gender!””

This is a prime example of how celebrities can make a difference in the political world. The media has power. Through their talents, these two twins have the opportunity to spread the idea of supporting marriage equality to their fan base, and they are seizing it.

I like their creative idea. Instead of a means of violent protesting, they are using a “sweet”, positive approach. People can choose to buy an ice cream sandwich, people can choose not to.

I would take a bite out of that!


Here’s what a college graduate from the University of Texas at Dallas said about this article:

Me: Should Tegan and Sara have an ice cream stand promoting gay marriage?

Student: Yes, Tegan and Sarah are trying to get people excited about gay marriage by enticing them with ice cream – that’s a great idea!

Me: Would you buy ice cream from their truck?

Student: I would buy ice cream from their truck.

Me: Do you think they are making a difference?

Student: They are making a difference because they are establishing how commonplace and normal gay marriage should be, and influencing common opinion.



marriage equality ice cream

tegan and sara



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