Stars And Rainbow Colored Stripes

A LGBT organization at Middle Tennessee State University created a flag for their organization. They took the American flag, the gay rights rainbow flag, and combined them into one single flag. People have been complaining ever since they displayed the flag, claiming it to be “unpatriotic” and offensive.

“Meanwhile, MT Lambda members say the flag isn’t meant to be unpatriotic: “It’s indicative of the fact that LGBTs are Americans also,” MT Lambda president Joshua Rigsby is quoted by NBC affiliate WSMV as saying. “We’re having to fight for the same rights that heterosexual people have to fight for every day.””

What happened to freedom of speech and expression, America?


gay rights flag


I interviewed a Business student from the University of North Texas about this article. This is how our conversation went:


Me: This is an LGBT organization at Middle Tennessee State University. Do you approve of them having their flag look like this?

Student: Why not?


Me: Do you think it’s unpatriotic?

Student: No, America is supposed to be all-inclusive regardless of religion, race, class and creed. Seems pretty consistent with the message to me


Me: Do you think they are getting the desired effect they wished for?

Student: Depends on what they’re trying to achieve. You will never change the minds of closed-minded people, they are too comfortable where they are. But stuff like this needs to exist so that people know it’s out there and so open-minded people can know they’re not alone.




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