GOP, Oh My


I interviewed a Senior Anthropology Major student at Texas A&M University to watch this video and respond. This is what she said:

Me: What is your response to this video? Do you think what was said is accurate or right?

Interviewee: “Proponents of traditional values in the United States federal government are confused about two things, their jobs and the definition of traditional values.  This is a pluralistic society.  Any attempt at censoring what is considered deviancy by one religion compromises our ability to coexist with those of other backgrounds.  In addition to the ethical dilemma there is a problem with claims of a scientific nature by the right.  Equating homosexuality with sickness has no scientific basis, just as assuming same-sex couples raise dysfunctional children has no basis in reality.”

“The issues associated with same-sex couples by conservatives can just as easily be applied to hetero couples.  Obsession? Check.  Alienation? Check.  Remorse? Check.  Disease? Check.   Your argument is invalid.  And if you’re going to praise the Russians for their values, you might want to ask a citizen about their quality of life and civil liberties. “


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