Political Family Feuds: More Interesting Than Most

Video and Article: http://www.usatoday.com/story/onpolitics/2013/11/18/liz-cheney-gay-marriage-sister-facebook/3625829/

“Liz — this isn’t just an issue on which we disagree you’re just wrong — and on the wrong side of history.”

This is a passionate statement to proclaim to someone, especially over Facebook. To make matters more interesting, this comment was made by Mary Cheney, younger sister of Liz Cheney, “who is running in the GOP primary for U.S. Senate in Wyoming”.

I can only imagine how difficult it is for a family to not see eye-to-eye on this topic, especially the Cheney family.

This also is fascinating when looking at this tension from a political point of view. Is there any way with Liz’s younger sister being gay, and married, that she could become tolerant of gay marriage herself?


It’s certainly a tough question to ask, and only time will truly tell.


This is Mary Cheney and her partner, Heather Poe.

I would like to make a special note that Dick Cheney endorsed gay marriage in 2009. 

See what Dick Cheney’s view of gay marriage is here:  http://www.theatlantic.com/politics/archive/2012/05/video-of-the-day-dick-cheney-endorsing-gay-marriage-in-2009/256961/


Gay Rights Best And Worst: An Interview

Article: http://www.theguardian.com/world/2013/jul/30/gay-rights-world-best-worst-countries

I conducted an anonymous interview with a Texas A&M undergraduate Communication major.

I asked my interviewee the following questions regarding the above article:

Me: “What is your reaction to the different nations and their level of acceptance of marriage equality? How do you think the worsening countries can change? What has made the bettering countries successful?”

Interviewee: “Well, I was shocked. When it talked about how in some African countries it was illegal to be gay. I know gay individuals definitely don’t have many rights across the world, but the face that it was flat out illegal made me angry and sad. And in Iran where people are literally executed on the streets. It also shows how broken and corrupt those societies are. These countries don’t have the right government/political leaders to challenge the existing views. Even having political supports of gay rights isn’t even enough. The US is a prime example. And seeing all the countries making progresses toward equality makes the US look terrible. I feel like any type of protest and movement is one step toward equality. An example would be rights in the US for African Americans. Their battle lasted for hundreds of years, and their rights is a relatively new concept to the american people. I feel this examples applies to gay equality. I personally feel it’ll be YEARS before there will be a universal change. But all those people need to keep up their protesting and not give up.”




Yes, this is Ron Swanson, and bacon.


Cartoon Tuesday

What would make your Tuesday exponentially better?

A political cartoon about gay marriage.

You’re welcome.

gay marriage colorful humans



I got a kick out of this. I hope you do too.

Who doesn’t like color? Black and white is beautiful when done right on a painting, but not when you’re politically speaking. If this were the mind set we were to keep, we would still surely have a segregated United States. In our country’s own name, it says “united”, does it not? Then why are we keeping these lovers’ knots “untied”?

More love, more better!

Happy Tuesday and thanks for reading 🙂