Gay Rights Best And Worst: An Interview


I conducted an anonymous interview with a Texas A&M undergraduate Communication major.

I asked my interviewee the following questions regarding the above article:

Me: “What is your reaction to the different nations and their level of acceptance of marriage equality? How do you think the worsening countries can change? What has made the bettering countries successful?”

Interviewee: “Well, I was shocked. When it talked about how in some African countries it was illegal to be gay. I know gay individuals definitely don’t have many rights across the world, but the face that it was flat out illegal made me angry and sad. And in Iran where people are literally executed on the streets. It also shows how broken and corrupt those societies are. These countries don’t have the right government/political leaders to challenge the existing views. Even having political supports of gay rights isn’t even enough. The US is a prime example. And seeing all the countries making progresses toward equality makes the US look terrible. I feel like any type of protest and movement is one step toward equality. An example would be rights in the US for African Americans. Their battle lasted for hundreds of years, and their rights is a relatively new concept to the american people. I feel this examples applies to gay equality. I personally feel it’ll be YEARS before there will be a universal change. But all those people need to keep up their protesting and not give up.”




Yes, this is Ron Swanson, and bacon.



Don’t Let Being Gay Get In The Way


As people become more accepting of gay people, hopefully they become more understanding of the role gay people can play in society. An example of this is through holding positions of power as an openly gay person. This is what Maine Democratic Representative Michael Michaud, who is a candidate in the race for Maine governor.

“…If he wins in a year, Michaud would be the first openly gay candidate elected governor in history.”

Gay people have the right to hold power just as much as the next person, whether they be homosexual or heterosexual.

Support gay people!

images mm

Depicted above is Michaud. Look at that cheerful face!

“Drag Down Bigotry”

Here is the article:

Video about the event:

“Drag Down Bigotry”, a drag parade/march was held this past Saturday. The event was sponsored by the non-profit Planting Peace. 

It was held in the front yard of the Equality House, which ironically is located across the street from the anti-gay Westboro Baptist Church.

Many supporters wore drag costumes to raise money for anti-bullying groups.

“Equality House has played host to a number of events in the past that sought to bring visibility to LGBT individuals and issues just feet from the Westboro Baptist Church’s doorstep, including a gay wedding and a child’s lemonade stand that raised thousands of dollars.”

Kudos to the Equality House, and keep fighting the good fight!




Largest Asian Gay Pride Parade Ever!

Here’s the article:

This past Saturday in Taipei, Taiwan’s capital, thousands of people flooded the streets in support of gay marriage. IN fact, this was the largest gay pride parade in Asia EVER! Naturally, the street was sprinkled with color.


Aren’t they beautiful?

The gay marriage bill has been under review by Taiwan’s legislature as of Friday.

As of now, 53% of people are in favor of legalizing gay marriage in Taiwan, an encouraging number due to how conservative that country is historically.

In comparison, Taiwan is much farther along as far as gay acceptance is concerned.

“Chinese families are still very traditional,” said Jennifer Lu of the counseling group Taiwan Tongzhi Hotline Association and one of the hosts on the centre stage. “People still emphasize having an heir and passing on the family name.”

Despite this sad truth, Taiwan is taking long strides in the right direction. They even have sexual-orientation education as part of the curriculum in the primary level of the schooling system.

“Neil Peng, co-writer of “The Wedding Banquet”, an early film focusing on a same-sex relationship, said Taiwan’s gay community had been helped by uncensored discussion in the arts.”

I hope discussions such as these in the arts continue to encourage the gay community, hopefully influencing the legislature to amend the gay marriage bill in Taiwan.

“New Zealand became the first country in the Asia-Pacific region to permit same-sex marriage this year and the Australian Capital Territory approved the measure this week.”

Hopefully, having large marches like the one exhibited on Saturday will influence lawmakers to change their minds.

How could you not? Just look at the outfits some Taiwanese wore. They’re just adorable!

As I’ve previously expressed in my earlier blogs, everyone has the right to love whomever they choose.

There Is No Room For Homophobia

“Posing for the NOH8 Campaign while in Belgium, these individuals symbolically joined efforts on an international scale to show Russian legislators that there is no place for institutionalized homophobia or intolerance at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics.”

This is a huge deal. With all of the turmoil occurring over gay propaganda in Russia, having Russian athletes pose to stand up to gay prejudice is a glimmer of hope.

I personally adore this photograph. What do you think?


I interviewed a mother, who graduated from college, in Sunnyvale, Texas about this article. This is what was said:

Me: Are you for or against the anti-gay propaganda law going on in Russia currently?

Mother:  The answer to this question is complicated.  While I am not prejudice against gays, I do feel as a parent that minors should be protected. If you look at the issue here:

Here is what Article 6.21 actually says:

Propaganda is the act of distributing information among minors that 1) is aimed at the creating nontraditional sexual attitudes, 2) makes nontraditional sexual relations attractive, 3) equates the social value of traditional and nontraditional sexual relations, or 4) creates an interest in nontraditional sexual relations.

Minors are very impressionable. The brain takes until the early twenties to be fully formed.   My thoughts are to let the parents of children help to set an example and to guide them.  While I am very traditional, I also feel that if someone decides that a same sex partner is what they want, then to each his own.

Me: Should these Russian athletes have posed for this photograph?

Mother: I believe in freedom of speech and if they wanted to pose for the photograph then they should have.


Me: Do you think their protesting was worth it?

Mother: I have no way of knowing if their protesting was worth it.



Stars And Rainbow Colored Stripes

A LGBT organization at Middle Tennessee State University created a flag for their organization. They took the American flag, the gay rights rainbow flag, and combined them into one single flag. People have been complaining ever since they displayed the flag, claiming it to be “unpatriotic” and offensive.

“Meanwhile, MT Lambda members say the flag isn’t meant to be unpatriotic: “It’s indicative of the fact that LGBTs are Americans also,” MT Lambda president Joshua Rigsby is quoted by NBC affiliate WSMV as saying. “We’re having to fight for the same rights that heterosexual people have to fight for every day.””

What happened to freedom of speech and expression, America?


gay rights flag


I interviewed a Business student from the University of North Texas about this article. This is how our conversation went:


Me: This is an LGBT organization at Middle Tennessee State University. Do you approve of them having their flag look like this?

Student: Why not?


Me: Do you think it’s unpatriotic?

Student: No, America is supposed to be all-inclusive regardless of religion, race, class and creed. Seems pretty consistent with the message to me


Me: Do you think they are getting the desired effect they wished for?

Student: Depends on what they’re trying to achieve. You will never change the minds of closed-minded people, they are too comfortable where they are. But stuff like this needs to exist so that people know it’s out there and so open-minded people can know they’re not alone.



Gay Detector?

“The GCC is an alliance made up of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain and Oman…Homosexuality is punishable by law in these nations. Penalties range from jail time to death, The Washington Post highlighted in June.”

These countries are wanting to conduct “tests” in order to deny entry of gay people into their country. I don’t exactly know what these “tests” consist of, but I don’t like the sound of them.


If You Have Nothing Nice To Say, Don’t Say Anything At All

If Governor Tom Corbett has nothing nice to say, he shouldn’t say anything at all. In fact, I believe this is especially true when comparing a gay married couple to the marriage of a brother and sister.

“Mark Aronchick, a lawyer for the plaintiffs in the pending federal case [said], “he’s just out of touch on this one. Gay people marry for the same reasons straight people do — to express their love and to declare their commitment before friends and family.””

New New Jersey

You heard it here, folks!

There is a new ruling in New Jersey by Judge Mary Jacobson on Friday. Gay marriage must be allowed. It will be in effect as soon as October 21, 2013.

The argument posed was “the state government is violating New Jersey’s constitution by denying federal benefits to the couples by not letting them marry”.

This is a fair point to argue.

This all comes down to the equality issue, which is a fine line to walk.

This ruling by Judge Jacobson puts Republican Governor Chris Christie. He is seeking re-election as governor, and he may possibly be in the running for the presidential election in 2016. What will he do with the current situation? New Jersey has an abundance of gay supporters. To win the presidential election, he would need to heavily rely on supporters of the Republican party.

Now there are officially thirteen states that recognize gay marriage.

This is another steps towards progress.

What are your reactions to New Jersey now allowing gay marriage?