Gay Does Not Equal Crap, Your Math Is Wrong



They can tear people down, and build people up.

They can mean absolutely nothing, and they can mean absolutely everything.

In this society, people frivolously use words like “faggot” and “gay” without considering the repercussions of their careless language.

We were given a mind to use caution, discretion, and prudence. We were given a mind and heart to care for people, not to fester hatred.

Bullying is a problem, especially for LGBT people. The definition of “gay” has evolved. The fact that “gay” and “crap” are used synonymously is not right.

Let me put this into perspective, “23% of gay or bisexual young people have tried to take their own lives and 56% have self-harmed.”

Verbal bullying has the power to tear people down. We need to make a change.

Stonewall is a gay charity with a campaign who is fighting anti-gay language. I will encourage you to learn more about this charity, and to support them.

The only way to change is through exposure to an alternate way of doing things.

Will you stand up for those who are cast off to the wayside? Will you be a voice to the unheard?


“Drag Down Bigotry”

Here is the article:

Video about the event:

“Drag Down Bigotry”, a drag parade/march was held this past Saturday. The event was sponsored by the non-profit Planting Peace. 

It was held in the front yard of the Equality House, which ironically is located across the street from the anti-gay Westboro Baptist Church.

Many supporters wore drag costumes to raise money for anti-bullying groups.

“Equality House has played host to a number of events in the past that sought to bring visibility to LGBT individuals and issues just feet from the Westboro Baptist Church’s doorstep, including a gay wedding and a child’s lemonade stand that raised thousands of dollars.”

Kudos to the Equality House, and keep fighting the good fight!




The Alan Ross Texas Freedom Parade

Today was the 30th annual Alan Ross Texas Freedom Parade in Dallas, TX.

I took a trip home this weekend, so this event was a big deal

The church I go to in Dallas when I am home celebrates people that are LGBT.

My pastor made a point in the sermon today that the words we speak when we induct new members into our church are “we will not act as though you have to earn your way in.” He made this point, because at my church and hopefully at others, people are admitted and accepted for who they are and as they are. (This is obviously referring to people who come from gay or lesbian or the like sexual orientations.)

Going home to this church was such a refreshment. I was raised to be accepting of all people. We are all God’s children. Being surrounded by church members that love all kinds of people was exactly where I wanted/needed to be. My church is not the only one of its kind.

But, during the sermon, my pastor took the time to talk about the Alan Ross Texas Freedom Parade. Many members of the church were wearing shirts that said “we believe in the separation of church and hate” today that they planned on wearing to this annual march. From young to old, many members of the congregation today were planning on making the trip to this march to celebrate the liberty of having different sexual orientations.

From what I read from this article posted in the Dallas Morning News, the parade was a huge success. I hope I will be able to make it to the parade next year.

gay pride child


If this child of God can raise a flag, so can you!

Victory For Gay Advocates


I would like to personally applaud you.

Anti-bias protections for LGBT people has been passed in San Antonio. [Fireworks go off.]

As the 7th largest city in our nation, that’s a strong feat to accomplish. Also, because Texas is highly regarded as a Conservative state, this is a pleasant surprise.

“Dee Villarubia, 67, said she’s a former Air Force officer whose landlord at a San Antonio apartment evicted her two years ago because she is gay. “When I say the pledge of allegiance, I say ‘justice for some’ because there’s an asterisk that means not me,” Villarubia said. “Today, I would take that asterisk away and finally say ‘justice for all.'”

How disrespectful is that? For someone to evict a FORMER AIR FORCE OFFICER for being gay, really? Talk about unpatriotic.

“Victories for gay rights advocates have been elusive in the Republican-controlled Texas Capitol. They’ve had more success on a local level: Houston has a lesbian mayor, and Austin offers health benefits for same-sex couples. Dallas, Houston, Austin, Fort Worth and El Paso are among the Texas cities that already have anti-bias ordinances of varying scope. Conservative pushback in San Antonio was notable coming on the turf of Castro, a rising star who delivered the keynote address at the Democratic National Convention last year. The opposition in his backyard was a weed in Castro’s narrative that San Antonio embraces the kind of political values that will soon spread statewide and turn Texas blue.”

Ahh…the sound of Texas becoming a blue state.

Hopefully the passing of this ordinance will successfully spread peace to San Antonio in the LGBT community.

Peace and blessings.